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Here are some details


• Remote Control for 4 different sound functions like Gas, break, speed, Knight Rider
• Material: ABS Plastic on its’ outside; Abs Plastic is also used in medical and food industry. Interior sections are supported with chipboard – coated with qualitativ chipboard paper.
• absolutely does not include carcinogenic articles and are made due to ISO 9001 Quality Standards.
• The beds are not painted. The Abs Plastic is coated with harmless acrylic coating. A different color view will not appear with scratches.
• Sub-Support materials are used in the inner head and feet side against crunshing
• Electronic system is working at 12V dc and is completley harmless, as it Works with battery power
• Children can not reach the adapter entrance, it it hidden
• Headlights can be used as nicht lights, if wished
• With orthopedic slat system under the bed after putting mattress, children will have a very lovely sleep
• Our Packaging system is quite strong with thick boxes, Nylons and Styrofoams
• Installation with Minefix System is easy and comfortable
• Shipping World wide

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