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The MVN 1 Car Bed is available in white, red, blue and black. 
With head lights and sound system, the Car Bed is an eye catcher. All 4 sound systems and light effects are unique.
It is also possible to add LED on the wheels and under the bed. 
The functions can be opened and closed via remote control. 
The material on the outside is ABS plastic. We use chipbord inside the Car Bed - coated with melamin. All materials are harmless against human health.  

Your advantages with MVN 1 
Colour Options in red, white, blue and black
different functions like light and sound (4 different sounds)
remote control for open, choose and close the light and sound effencts
more options like LED on the wheels and under the Side Panel, Seat Option or Storage
• shiny material, durable against scratches and easy to clean
• sub-supporting material on the head and feet side against crushings
• the electronical system is working with 12V dc and is working with battery power
• children can't reach the adapter entrance. It is hidden inside the bed front
• head lights can be used as night light
• with an orthopedic slat system the bed has a healthy suspension
• our packaging system is quite stron with thick boxes, nylons and styrofiams
• the installation via Minefix system is easy and comfortable

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