''How we combined comfort with modernity..''

I'm Betty! For me, it wasn't easy to get my second son. Nowadays building a family need much more than just loving your husband. At the end, we did'nt want that our son grows up alone. To be a big brother would make it easier for us to teach him the faces of real life, how to share and learn how to handle with other persons. As I grow up with siblings too, I now many cases will be easier to solve with a sib' instead of with Mom and Dad!

Before I give birth to my second son, we have been looking for a new flat. In that time, I was already pregnant. We thought our actual living space wouldn't be enough for our 4-P household. After many researches my husband found this pretty solution. We ordered all furnitures -wardrobe, desk, shelve, bed and the carpets- from one place and enjoy now the comfort of the service. The furnitures suits with eachother and we did'nt lost so much time with managing the shippment. First we explained our situation, that one of our kiddows will just be a baby. Also in this case Team MUSVENUS comes up with a clever solution. We always felt like the employees toke enough care to make the process smooth as possibleü but did'nt disturb us that we feel under presure. They always ask us what we think about it. At the end we choose the perfect sizes and furniture pieces for our small Child's Room. Now there is enough space for all toys and space to play with them. So our kids will learn how to share as early as possible. What's a relief!

Thank you MUSVENUS Ltd. to make our boys happy!

Best regards,

Betina and Johannes from Germany


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