Updated: Dec 23, 2019

The International India Furniture Fair is already over. Today we want to share our experiences before, during and after the fair with you.

The indian furniture fair – Mumbai, was really an unexpected experience.

We encounter the Organizator of the Fair during our analysis of the market power. Sure, we want to enter new markets and come out of our comfort zone. India would be a good new step in a new market. Our analysis proved us, that there is a market for our product and we can confirm our willingness for India.

So here we go: the organization of sending our products to the Fair place Mumbai and arranging all Visas and Documents before traveling was a serious act. Normaly coming out of the comfort zone is connected to taking a risk. In this case there should be no risk to take. Documents needed to be finished and checked as detailed as possible to avoid undesirable adventures. And surely there was the feeling of encountering a new country, a new culture and meeting new people in the air☺. Before, I just saw Indian tradition just in movies and taste some delights during small trips to Europe. I was also interessted in the traditional clothing and colorful textiles. The ticked booking happend with 2 days extra time for exploring Mumba.

Arrived in Mumbai: we prepared our stand at the Fair Place one day before everything starts. It was a good feeling to see, that the organization was right till here. One day before the fair starts we also was curious about what will happen and how the visitors will like our products. The first day at the fair was marvelous. We got a great feedback for our products. Introducing the details and showing the options of the KIDS CAR BEDS was such a fun. To see peoples reaction on the sounds and lights of ''just-furnitures'' made my day. Because it is not ''just'' furniture. The Car Beds are created like a toy, like play ground for the kids. To make this toy real, the sound system will complete the fantasy. And sure, the light system can be used as bedside light.

All in all the fair was colorful. Also we can confirm that Mumbai was a good host for our Team from Turkey. The experience gives us the push to establish our products on this marked. The introduction is already done ☺. On the part of our City tour, I will mention the nice foods we tasted

After we come back to Turkey and worked on the materials we got at the fair, we can safely say, that we are proud to take part. This trip opened our view and confirmed, to come out of our comfort zone.

that we have lived, when you are the only one who is exhibiting his new special product for a people they know nothing about the product and we don’t know about them anything just that he is willed about technology and trying new ideas, and you se the positive feedback from the first day and first 4 hours of the fair by selling all the products so easly ! It’s a good feeling, but it’s a bad feeling too is when another customer is coming after selling out all products and asking you please sell to me just one I will give it as a present to my son as a gift for his birthday or something like this and you can’t do anything in this case, without talking about some customers who came in the same time of selling the last 2 products and about to start a fight ! It’s really a funny and awkward position where you will be confused what to do ! But it was just such an amazing experience, Thank you India and see you next time !

Our Team at the Fair in Mumbai!! #TeamMusvenusNeverStops



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