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A story of CHILDHOOD

written by parents


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As the children grow from toddlers to kindergarteners to preteens and teens, a funny thing happens. Our focus shifts. We no longer worry so much about just keeping them alive. Instead, as they slowly but surely become more independent, we think about what kind of people they’ll become.

Our hope is that our kids will learn to live out good qualities like honesty, trust, courage, patience, and forgiveness.

But what’s our role in helping our kid develop these traits? Are they already hardwired?
Here’s something important to remember as you consider: kids need freedom for creativity.


Furnitures are not just furnitures. We pass 1/3 of the day in bed. So we eat with our eyes. 

Our company policy reflects the power of childrens imagination. Sure, there are a lot of ways to support your child's creativity. With furnitures we can create this atmosphere in our homes or rooms.  

Our Mission

To create and support creativity, it is our mission to work on the best designs and latest furniture trends for kids car beds and children furniture at all. Offering the best quality and work world wide is the most important part of our daily doings.

Our Vision

As a producer, one of our most important visions is, to produce most of our products in our company. Today in 2019 even 70% are made by ourselves. To keep this independency and to control every step of the quality is our most imprtant goal. 

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