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• Headlights can be used as night lights

• Abs Plastic Material Used in front bumper ( Abs Plastic also used in Medical and food industry)

• Absolutely does not include carcinogenic articles. The products are not painted. Everything is produced accoring to TSE Norms and European ISO 9001 Quality Standards

• Remote control for 4 different sound functions

• Plastic Material coated with acrylic coating. So a different color view will not appear with scratches

• Sub-Support Materials used inside of Front Bumper against Crushing

• Electronic System is working with 12V Dc and is completely harmless.

• Children can not reacht the adapter entrance, it is hidden

• Our Packing system is quite strong with thicl boxes, nzlons, and styrofoams. Quality control is always performed before shipment

• Bed installation is simple. The installation instructed in the scheme is inside the boxes.

• Size: 230x125x60 and Mattress Size 90x190

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