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Here are some details OF the VENTO:

• The race cars are with wing spoilers at the backside. 

•  4 different sound choices via remote control

•  The electronic system is working with 12V dc adapter. It functions via battery power and is really harmless.

•  LED lights are designed as headlights and sliding lights at the front bumper. If wished, wheels can be designed with LEDs too.

•  Material is ABS Plastic. There is an ultra-glossy surface at all points of the car, wheels, and rims

• 14 pcs wooden slats for under-mattress are made due to high European Standards

• Sizes are according to the standard 90x200


Dreaming has never been more fun!

We are always working on our product range to be updated. The Camaro, the Vento, and the Vector are the NEWCOMERS. With a fresh design and new shapes, the cars are optimized due to the latest trends. Variety and comfort are what we offer to all our customers.

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